Razor Lawn Mower


The teams at Blue Sky and Victa worked together to design and engineer the Razor series of lawnmowers – the next generation of an Australian icon. A user centered design process was utilised for the lawnmower design where new levels of innovation were introduced across all aspects of the product including:

  1. A 19” cut diameter with the footprint and overall size of an 18” lawnmower, the most compact and maneuverable 19” mower on the market.
  2. A new edge to edge cut system, which means it can easily cut grass closely against lawn edges reducing time and effort involved in turning the mower around.
  3. Clever aerodynamic engineering meant that the loss of catching performance normally associated with using inboard wheels on other edge to edge systems was not compromised on this mower.
  4. An all new slim line handle design to improve handling with its narrow format reducing the possibility of the mower catching or rubbing against side protruding objects such as low branches and fences.
  5. An optional drink bottle that is mounted on the handle to provide users with necessary fluid intake and resulting in less stopping time.
  6. Unique radiused low profile and purpose designed 8″ diameter wheel that reduces rolling resistance, minimises grass build up on the tyre and allows easy cleaning due to the tread pattern. An integrated patented pending wheel clip system reduces the number of parts in the wheel and allows the wheels to be easily fitted as an out-of-the-box assembly directly onto the axles and unlike other quick fit systems the clip releases, thus not turning and wearing the axle.
  7. New side wear plates to extend chassis life and improve side impact strength.

The mower ergonomics were another priority for the design team and all points of contact between the mower and the user were considered carefully. The handles have a durable polymer coating to improve grip and control. At the top of the handle is an injection moulded throttle box which has an easy to use and self-explanatory control panel that faces the user. This throttle box also houses the engine air filter, which can be easily accessed for routine maintenance.

User safety was paramount in the design, with the lawnmower being one of few complying to both Australian and European safety standards. The base was FEA tested by Blue Sky and confirmed to withstand forces far greater than the minimum standard requirements.

The Victa Razor Lawnmower received an Austrialian Design Award for it’s excellence in design and innovation.