Toddler Water Bottle Range


The Evorie toddler water bottle range is designed to allow toddlers to drink water easily and safely. This unique range of products have 3 different water delivery systems; a teat, a sippy spout and a straw system, ensuring that the toddlers hydration, health and development is optimised.

The design brief for the project was to create a range of water bottles to be used by parents and toddlers. The challenge was to create bottle designs that facilitated the varying needs of toddlers as they transition from breast milk and formula to water. The products needed to appeal to not only the parents, but the toddlers who are starting to become independent in their drinking habits. It was important that the bottles had a variety of water delivery systems to allow them to be matched to the age of the toddler and the needs of the parents.

The fun, characterful forms of the bottles are smooth, friendly and equally appealing to both parents and toddlers. The curved silhouette of the bottles, with a crisp truncated lid features creates a modern, contemporary look. The fresh colours of the bottles are unisex in appeal and allow for differentiation of bottles when the toddlers are in groups. The wide neck bottles are intuitive to use, allow good purchase to open, and are easy to fill. The handles of the bottles have been ergonomically tested for toddlers and provide the optimum orientation, size and grip to be held by tiny hands.

Check out the Evorie Toddler water bottle range here.