Baby feeding bottle range


The Evorie feeding bottle range is designed to make feeding babies milk and formula easy, safe and enjoyable. This unique range of feeding bottles have a modular, scalable design that is updatable as the baby grows, ensuring that their feeding, health and development is optimised.

The design brief for the Evorie feeding bottles was to create a range of bottles to be used for feeding breast milk and formula to babies aged from newborn to 12 months old, and beyond. The challenge was to create bottle designs that made the parents life easier during the feeding process, and facilitated their needs during this busy and often stressful time. It was important that the bottles were adaptable and modular to allow them to be configured depending on the age of the baby and the requirements of the parents.

The unique form of the bottles is smooth, friendly and intuitive to use for parents. The clean, tapered silhouette of the bottles, combined with a crisp truncated lid creates a modern, contemporary look in the home and on the go. The shape and colour of the bottles is soft and tonal, evoking as sense of calmness and cleanliness. The unique shape of the bottle lid is intuitive to use and allows for good purchse to remove, as well as providing the added feature of not allowing the lids to roll away when placed on a flat surface.

Check out the Evorie feeding bottle range here.