Trophon 2


The Trophon 2 designed by Blue Sky in collaboration with Nanosonics is the latest innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection. It features an enhanced design, simple and fast workflows, plus all new AcuTrace™ for digital record keeping and seamless integration with your hospital IT system.

Trophon®2 efficacy goes further – it’s proven to eliminate an extended range of clinically infectious pathogens. It’s a relief to know that your trophon®2 offers effective bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal protection. Through innovative design and usability, patients are protected from ultrasound probe cross infection risk, as well as staff and the environment being protected from hazardous chemicals. The automated systems of Trophon®2 also ensure consistent and reproducible high level disinfection to help users meet ultrasound probe HLD guidelines and standards.

The Trophon 2 received a prestigious Good Design Award, Gold Best in Class award in 2019.

Learn more about the Nanosonics Trophon®2 here