Floe at Home

Floe Fitness

Floe at Home is a fitness solution designed by Blue Sky for Floe Fitness. Floe comprises of all the equipment and technology for instructor led fitness sessions at home. Floe has all the benefits of the gym with equipment and classes, linked through the Floe app. Users open the Floe app, select their class, and begin working out.

The design challenge was to create product, app and fitness ecosystem to facilitate virtual group gym training in the home. The product needed to provide all the functionality for people to undertake a wide range of fitness programs from low intensity pilates and yoga, through to HIIT cardio and strength training. The ability to provide a convenient system that allowed users to undertake exercise under the direct real time guidance of trained instructors was vital for the project.

Floe consists of a furniture grade plywood storage unit with an upholstered bench. The top of the product can be removed to provide a workout bench. Inside the product is all the equipment required for a multitude of gym programs from yoga all the way through to high intensity cardio programs. Key to the product is a workout mat and tripod. The user places the tripod at the end of the workout mat on the purpose designed tab. They can then mount their tablet or phone in the tripod and using the Floe app access real time, interactive group workout programs.

See the floe gym available here.