Sydney Metro Signage & Wayfinding

Transport for NSW

As part of a Blue Sky’s customer focused design solutions, each stage of the travel journey was considered as part of the signage strategy for Sydney Metro stations. A suite of new Metro sign types were designed, prototyped and documented by Blue Sky including large scale “M” mode ID signs, through to illuminated station signs, help point signage and directional signage elements. Together the signage system was applied in a universal strategic manner across all of the stations to provide a consistent and intuitive experience for all users.

Signage on platforms was designed and specified to communicate and facilitate all of the customer needs and requirements at this stage of their journey. The platform is an important point where departing customers require information on Metro services, and arriving customers are orientating themselves upon alighting from the Metro. Signage systems designed in this area include station identification, information points, station and local area guides, and DDA signage for hearing loops and accessible paths. Together the signage system designed provides a world class information and navigation system for users of all Metro stations in Sydney.