mPort Body Scanner


mPort is a revolutionary concept which improves the retail shopping experience by taking the guesswork and ambiguity out of trying on clothing.

When you enter the mPort pod, you are in a space not dissimilar from a fitting room – with a space to sit, hooks for your clothing, and soothing lighting. However, the mPort pod is filled with sensors built in. Within the privacy of the pod, the user initiates a scan during which over 200,000 points are scanned on their body. Using the report generated by the scan, the user can then use their myPassport to shop and select sizes of clothing matched to their features from participating brands both online and in store. Outfits are recommended and the data can even be used to have tailored outfits created.

Blue Sky designed and documented the mPort product from the streamlined exterior to the clean, functional interior. The project included product design, interior design, lighting design and UI design to create an easy to use, intuitive customer experience. The resulting fully automated 3D body scanning system is now transforming the way the world shops and tracks its health and fitness.

Learn more about the mPort Body scanner here