FT Series LiftPod


The JLG FT Lift Pod™ range, designed and engineered by Blue Sky, brings game-changing flexibility and innovative simplicity through a new lightweight and portable design.

The next generation of personal portable lifts—the JLG® LiftPod® FT Series has a compact design to easily allow you to roll through standard doorways and is designed for one person operation. The LiftPod enables employees to reach their work and have 360-degree range of motion.

Blue Sky’s brief was to develop a portable lift that offers facility maintenance workers a secure platform and the ability to work 360 degrees with both hands at heights of up to 20ft. The all new design created by Blue Sky is highly portable and can be assembled in just minutes. A convenient tool tray is integrated into the unit for extra convenience at different work heights. Other key design features include a telescopic mast provides clearance when needed and can be easily stowed, a powerful 40V lithium-ion battery system, and an innovative modular construction system allowing the components fit in a pickup truck or van for easy transport.