Dosh designer wallets

Dosh Brand

Dosh is a designer accessories brand which is the brainchild of Blue Sky director Henri Spaile. The dosh design philosophy is to create functional, innovative wallets for the modern, go-anywhere individual. Utilising the latest advanced polymer materials and manufacturing processes, dosh wallets are iconic, super-slim and totally unique. Through their inspired design configurations, dosh wallets help you shed the excess baggage of traditional shapeless leather wallets and streamline the contents of your pocket. All dosh wallets are crafted at dosh’s Sydney headquarters, using the highest quality materials and production processes.

Dosh uses a patented combinations of flexible and semi-flexible polymer materials, and CNC machined alunimium that give the wallets their unique properties and function. The wallets use innovative bonding techniques making the end products highly durable and avoids the need for complicated traditional stitching process. This approach gives the wallets their clean, smooth aesthetics. Many of the wallets feature money clips that are all hand made from high grade brushed stainless steel giving them a high-value jewellery like quality. The iconic, crystal-clear dosh polycarbonate packaging for the wallets is designed to be used as a coin box, and promotes post purchase use.

Dosh is ranged in 500+ retailers in 25 countries. Dosh sits across fashion boutiques, high-end design, department stores and lifestyle stores. Our retail network targets the upper, middle and premium end consumer. Some of our most well known retailers include; Bloomingdales (global) , MoMA (Japan, NYC), Top3 (Sydney), Menkind (UK), De Bijenkorf (Europe), Neye(denmark), David Jones (Australia) and Flight 001 (global).

Dosh wallets have received Australian Design Awards and international IF and Red Dot design awards.