Nucleus 6 Counselling Kit


As part of the design of the Cochlear Nucleus 6 hearing solution, Blue Sky designed and developed a high end counselling kit to introduce the new products to potential recipients. This unit is a vital part of the Cochlear brand experience as it is in the first contact that a recipient has with Cochlear products. The counselling kits are made of anodised aluminium and have an integrated hinge with soft close magnet. The kit is compact and durable and is designed to allow easy transport and storage for the clinician.

On the inside of the case, the Cochlear Nucleus 6 product range is displayed in a way that highlights the refined design and beautiful precision of the product range. The case interior consists of polished acrylic frames surrounding a high density foam liner which holds each individual product securely in place. The intuitive internal layout allows the clinician to present the Cochlear system and for the recipient to interact with each component.

The end result is an introduction to the Cochlear brand that gives the recipient confidence and assurance that they will be well cared for by choosing the Nucleus 6 system.