Kanso off-the-ear processor


In collaboration with Cochlear, Blue Sky designed Kanso, a smart, simple and discreet off-the-ear cochlear implant sound processor. Kanso has a robust, all-in-one design. Recipients just press a single on/off button, place the Kanso on their head (positioned over the implant) and let Cochlear’s innovative technology take over.

Kanso is designed to fit snugly against users heads for comfort and security, giving them the confidence to connect to their world. Blue Sky developed eight different colours for the product so patients can personalise their sound processor and choose the shade that best matches their hair or sense of style.

The device is made of a very light and hardy material, with silicone joints and nano coating of some components making the device water-resistant (IP54) and allowing patients to enjoy activities in and around water with confidence.

Experienced cochlear implant recipients report that Kanso is so comfortable, they forget they are wearing it. They love how it “frees the ear” compared with a behind the ear sound processors, giving them the confidence to get on with their life. In a clinical trial, 82% of people rated Kanso as more comfortable than traditional BTE sound processor.

Designed for discretion and comfort, Kanso gives Cochlear users greater freedom, and an overall better quality of life.