Yates Plant Pots

A range of unique self-watering garden pots designed primarily for sophisticated plant growth

The Yates Artisan products are a range of modern, injection moulded Self-Watering garden pots.  The garden pots have an innovative self watering system that allows easy controlled watering and conserves water. Internal, unique, purpose designed in-mould root trainer ribs promote healthy root growth.

The Yates Artesian pots come in a range of sizes and the modern sophisticated forms compliment cutting edge landscape and architectural design. They are a available in a range of contemporary colours.

The pots are made from UV protected polypropylene which gives them a high level of durability, and allows them to be recycled.

The Yates pot range displays an understanding of the burgeoning needs of householders in urban environments through sophisticated form language and innovative functionality.  The unique double skin construction has allowed for dynamic aesthetics, modern colour combinations and a greater strength and durability of the products.  Integrated clips allow for easy assembly and a clean overall aesthetics.

The modern take on classic garden forms, gives the range depth and the ability to fit within a variety of household aesthetics in interior or exterior applications.  Product-like additions such as the water-spout and multiple colours takes the range to another level, and moves away from traditional garden conventions.

Colour is an important consideration for such a highly visible, sculptural product. Extensive colour studies were conducted, and an appropriate colour pallet for the product was selected to compliment contemporary architectural and landscape environments. The double skin construction and watering doors allow a unique two-colour approach to the design which add to the aesthetic detail and modern decorative design language.

  • Tuscan Edge range pots
  • Tuscan Edge design details

The Integrated root trainer system helps to reduce the condition known as “Pot Bound” when plants remain in a pot for too long. This system consists of a number of strategically placed, purpose deigned rib features on the inside faces of the pot to aid the development of the roots of the plant as it develops.

The self watering system has been ergonomically designed to accept all watering cans and hose nozzles. A unique, innovative watering door acts as a water guiding feature when open and seals the pot when closed. The environmental advantage of sealing the water chamber is that it stops evaporation of the water and hence reduces water consumption.  This door also has the added advantage of stopping insects entering the pot and degrading the quality of the water.

The pots are made from UV stabilised polypropylene, which endures the pots are lightweight, yet highly durable. This material is highly cost effective resulting in pots being available for a prices lower than that of traditional garden pots, yet with improved functionality appearance and longer life. The Yates Artisan pots have been designed for disassembly and recycling at the end of their life, in line with world’s best practice.

The products apply to all relevant Australian standards, and through their innovative design add to quality of life though through their innovative function and emotional aesthetics.

  • Vogue Artesian Pot Range
  • Vogue Artesian design details