Transport for New South Wales Signage & Wayfinding

A successful wayfinding system is dependent upon a thorough understanding of traffic flows and clear and concise information.

Part of TfNSW’s transformation of its network of public transport involved developing a wayfinding system that is clear and consistent. Blue Sky was enlisted to produce the wayfinding and signage documentation for several key train stations: Central, Martin Place and Circular Quay. The design team at Blue Sky undertook the sign planning activities as part of a design advisor role with Transport for NSW.

A thorough design process was of primary importance to the project as well as efficient communications between stakeholders. The design process commences with a site audit and analysis of existing structures and customer behaviours providing vital decision making information to the design team. Good wayfinding is dependent upon an understanding of traffic flows and destination hierarchies. Various new tools were used to map destination hierarchies and traffic flows so that sign locations were effective in providing timely information to customers particularly at decision-making points on their journey from precinct to platform and onto the train.

There were important learnings for the design team in time planning and budget management that are now part of our wayfinding methodology. Blue Sky undertook the signage wayfinding design of Martin Place, Central and Circular Quay stations concurrently. These parallel tasks contributed to consistent outcomes for each of the wayfinding solutions.

Blue Sky has also undertaken other wayfinding projects for TfNSW including the SWRL (South West Rail Link – Leppington and Edmondson Park), Artarmon, Ingleburn, Waterfall, Shellharbour Junction and a growing number of suburban stations. In its role as design technical advisor, Blue Sky is now a lead partner for signage and wayfinding for TfNSW as other projects are ongoing.

South West Rail Link (SWRL)

Edmondson Park and Leppington are greenfield sites forming part of the new South West Rail Link. The SWRL wayfinding project differs from others undertaken for TfNSW as considerations for existing signage, built environment elements and customer behaviours would need to be considered as well. The design team were able to integrate the signage aesthetic more smoothly into the contemporary environment.

Customer flows and traffic analysis were provided by the TfNSW wayfinding team. This information reduced Blue Sky lead times and helped accelerate the project delivery. It also demonstrates how the two teams could work seamlessly from initial research through to production documentation together.

Precinct Directional Sign

Signage Installation

Mode ID at Central Station, Sydney

Wall Mounted Poster Cases

Way Out Directional, Central Station

Clear Identification Signage

Taxi Stand Signage

Freestanding Poster Cases

Station Name

Lift Supergraphic