TfNSW Signage Kit of Parts

Modular Kit of Parts (KoP) for the signage and wayfinding aspects of the stations renewal program for NSW.

Blue Sky was commissioned to develop the Kit of Parts (KoP) for the signage and wayfinding aspects of the stations renewal program. This involved the detail design of each individual component in the system and close liaison with manufacturing partners in order to achieve production and quality requirements. The design role was to ensure the people of NSW received a signage solution that was high quality and well resolved. As each station environment is different, the KoP needed to be flexible enough to adapt to all spatial requirements, yet convey the same strategy and messaging system.

The project had considerable scale with a complex bill of materials that required a thorough documentation process with appropriate quality systems to manage the information flow to supply partners

The design details included concealed fixations and elegant proportions combined with a modern day font. Good communications was paramount to the success of this project. A close working relationship was established between Blue Sky and the Transport for NSW wayfinding team that enabled fast and efficient transfer of information. In addition, successful fabricators were able to engage with the design team to resolve and tune components for efficient production.

  • Central Station, Sydney


  • Leppington Station, Sydney
  • Leppington Station, Sydney
  • Mode ID at Central Station, Sydney


Blue Sky designed and developed the Kit of Part through various concept sketch sessions, Human Factors resourced engineering, 3D modelling and prototype testing.


Station Name Sign Manufacture

Early Bus Flag Sketches

Suspended Frame & Free Standing Poster Cases

Mode ID Support Manufacture

Bus Flag Manufacture

Lightbox Mode ID Manufacture

Blade Sign Documentation

Frame Sign Manufacture

Prototype Testing

Bus Flag at Art Gallery, Sydney