Sydney Trains GAC + Control Pod

Redesigned customer-facing infrastructure to improve the aesthetic and provide staff with a more ergonomic workstation.

Sydney Trains is currently undertaking a ‘Stations of the Future Program’ as part of the ongoing commitment of improving customer experience; this program includes a project to redesign the Gate Array Controller Unit (GAC) and Platform Control Pod. The focus for the redesign is to produce products that are more customer-focused by increasing the visibility and recognition of station staff by customers, and by encouraging station staff to actively engage with and help customers. Blue Sky has designed two workstation units for station staff for use in the station environment and on the station platforms.

The first unit, the GAC, allows control of the ticket gates whilst also encouraging staff to walk around the station entrance, ticket barriers, and concourse to greet customers and answer any queries.

  • GAC (Gate Array Controller) in open and closed arrangement.
  • Control Pod in open and closed arrangement.