Sunbeam Cafe Series Toaster

Creating a long lasting quality toaster for the demanding commercial kitchen environment.

The Café Series Toaster was a very important project for both Sunbeam and Blue Sky. All Sunbeam Café Series products must meet the highest manufacturing and performance criteria. These products are designed using materials that are durable and robust. You can expect a Sunbeam Café Series product to last for many years of constant use.

A Refined Design

The Toaster utilizes cast metal components in conjunction with food grade stainless steel that is both beautiful to look at and durable for busy kitchen environments. The designers spent considerable time working closely with mechanical and electrical engineers to finalise the configuration of the lift mechanism and associated electronics.

A Cafe Icon

The aesthetic design was the result of a close collaboration with the team at Sunbeam and several prototypes were built to refine the ergonomic control detail and construction detail. The design won an Australian Design Award and continues to sell in high volumes across Australia.

  • Cafe Series 4 slice toaster branding detail.
  • Cafe Series 4 slice toaster controls.
  • Sunbeam Cafe Series in white.