RMS Control Centre Workstations

Custom workstation solution which has given operators a comfortable, ergonomic and versatile work environment.

The Transport Management Centre (TMC) monitors and manages the NSW State road network 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

During morning and afternoon peak travel times, major events and unplanned incidents, the TMC also monitors and coordinates Sydney’s public transport operations across trains, buses ferries and light rail.

Blue Sky was commissioned to create a workstation that would provide an upgrade in technology and a significant improvement in ergonomic and operational performance.

  • Main control centre work space.

A workplace that operates 24/7 and has a mission for smooth management of traffic flow across an entire state that needs to be efficient and well-equipped.

At the NSW Transport Management Centre, staff work across two dozen workstations with up to 8 screens on each, on a 24/7 rotating shift basis to monitor traffic circulation. Equipment and data need to be well positioned, in a space with maximum functionality and advanced ergonomics.

The Centre’s new base in Sydney’s Eveleigh was designed by Blue Sky with ergonomics and efficiency in mind. Highly advanced IT and communication tools are integrated with advanced ergonomic workstations from Classic Resources and monitor arms from Uplifting Solutions. The gas-articulated monitor arms can carry up to 32kg of screen weight and allow up to 8 monitors on the individual workstations to be adjusted at the touch of a fingertip. In certain configurations, the screens can be moved together as an array.

Moveable workstations allow operators to stand when they wish, enhancing their flexibility and reducing fatigue from sedentary seating. A simple tilt of the monitor screen ensures visibility at any position.

“It is vital for our operators to have a cockpit view of their areas of operations,” says Joe Morabito, Manager of Traffic Operations.

“The advanced ergonomics of our workstation set up gives us optimal operational visibility; it simply means we can optimise our responses and provide better traffic management.”

The designs also include sophisticated lighting and acoustic systems to provide maximum comfort and control for operators who undertake long and stressful shifts in front of display screens.

  • Bird's eye view of the control centre.

The workstations were designed with a smaller footprint allowing an additional two workstations to be added to the control centre. The workstations were fitted with an acoustic “roof” to provide additional sound absorption and reduce any white noise or background conversation.

Specific task lighting was selected to reduce glare yet allow for sufficient illumination where required.


Various design stages were undertaken to achieve the best possible layout and ergonomic intent. A workstation was prototyped and tested before installation at the Control Centre. The collaboration with traffic monitoring and bus motoring was achieved through an island design of four desks facing each other and placed at the heart of the centre. This allowed for an integrated solution between buses and roads.

STA Island Workstation

Workstations for bus monitoring operators.

Shop Drawings

Detailed shop drawings of each part of the joinery.

Interior Construction Details

Detailed interior steel works housing the Linak motors to achieve height adjustability.

Cable Management

Detailed cable management systems and configurations to allow for easy maintenance.

Height Adjustability

Detailed assembly drawings.


Design for perfect operator reach and viewing angles.