EDI Rail Adelaide

A modern metro to capture the imagination of the commuter.

EDI Rail selected Blue Sky to undertake the industrial design of the next generation trains for Adelaide. The exterior design of the train along with its livery were key elements to design the next generation “look” for the Adelaide metro. Interior seating plans, refined colours and finishes were paramount to create a fresh and sophisticated travel experience. Cutting edge technology in both the drivers cab and vestibule allowed for open and spacious areas that enhanced the customer experience.

  • Adelaide Metro vestibule is spacious and inviting.


The main compartment. Bespoke design, naturally clean, comfortable and inviting. Seating is of the cantilever type, providing uncluttered floors, excellent comfort, superior safety and ready cleaning.

  • Driver cab features ergonomic controls and comfortable surroundings.

Driver’s Controls

Modern drivers controls in a comfortable environment. The Driver’s cab provides a superior combination of a safe, spacious, well-appointed and very comfortable environment for the train drivers of Adelaide. Those features in conjunction with the attention to ergonomics encourage the driver to operate the rail vehicles smoothly and professionally, maximising the comfort of passengers.

  • Saloon offers plenty of seating space.

Elevation Render

Early driver cab concepts

Seating configuration

Various seating layouts were proposed to maximise passenger flow yet maintain seating capacity.

Colour & Finishes Study