Commonwealth Bank Future Retail Banking

A complete refresh of the customer experience at all Commonwealth Bank branches that reinforces the brand promise and brings new customers in.

Blue Sky has been commissioned by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to design the future of retail banking, with a focus on delivering a next generation branch that improves the customer experience, reinforces the CBA brand promise and attracts new customers to the bank.

The branch designs created by Blue Sky are open, inviting banking environments that are flexible, modular and space efficient. They seamlessly integrate banking technology hardware into an innovative ‘Ribbon’ design element to create a friendly and intuitive look and feel. Semi-private zones are created through cantilevered elements and alcove spaces. Casual lounge and bench seating are combined to create open, friendly and functional work spaces.

  • Commonwealth Bank Central Park, Sydney

Each transaction zone has the functionality to achieve all banking tasks, including teller transactions, intelligent deposit and coin deposit, allowing customers to perform all their banking tasks in one place, at their own pace, 24 hours a day. CBA concierges move freely around the branch offering guidance and banking advice as required.

The first next generation branch has was opened in Hornsby Westfield Shopping Mall in Sydney and additional branches continue to roll out across the country.

  • Self Service 'Ribbon' and the CBA Hornsby Branch, Sydney
  • Hornsby Branch, Sydney
  • Key Elements of the retail branch
  1. The technology ‘Ribbon’ – a unique, iconic horizontal ribbon is integrated into the walls and external facade of each branch. This element integrates the banking hardware technology, making for an easier to understand results in a more intuitive customer banking experience.
    The ribbon design also embodies the CBA brand language and creates a long term, recognisable visual identity for Express Banking.
  2. Sales bar and semi-private booths – within the branch there are multifunction customer consultation locations with different levels of privacy. All staff can move freely to any area of the branch depending on their requirements and needs. The sales bar provides an informal meeting space for simple quick tasks, semi-private booths are open and inviting for longer appointments and there are closed office space for private meetings and video conferencing.
  3. Brand Application and Wayfinding – the branch designs work in synergy with the CBA ‘CAN’ campaign. The branding elements related to this branding piece were integrated into the branch through both the digital and physical design. An all new signage and wayfinding system was developed for the branches. This system was based around a hierarchy of signage elements combined with purpose design iconography.
  4. Intelligent Deposit Machines – the design and integration of intelligent deposit machines allows customers to conduct all the task they would do at traditional teller, 24 hours a day. The design and integration of the machines is such that there is sufficient privacy and work area, and the banking tasks can be completed with and without the assistance of a CBA customer service staff member.


From early workshops, visulisations and full branch prototypes; Blue Sky have been involved in all aspects of the design for CBA’s Future Bank.

Creative Workshops



Customer Zones

Mock-Up Branch

Modularity and open design offers the most flexibility and space efficiency.