Cochlear Nucleus 5

Cochlear have created a hearing solution to restore hearing and help recipients become connected to life. To develop speech and language skills. To go to mainstream school. To join in games. To play team sports. To talk to friends on the phone. To enjoy music. To play at the pool or the beach.


The small, slim and sophisticated sound processor is brimming with functionality. The sound processor is designed not only for style and comfort, but to stay on when they run off, to keep working when they’re playing near water.

The new wireless assistant enables a parent to be confident that there child is hearing as they should. Parents want to know when their child is hearing properly and alerted when there is a problem. The compact wireless assistant is a hand held device that allows a parent to monitor and manage their child’s hearing.

The new range of products transform the cochlear aesthetic from being perceived as a medical device to that of a friendly fashion forward consumer product. The products are sophisticated and the materials and finishes are in line with contemporary entertainment electronics rather than prosthetic devices.

  • Nuclues 5 is splash proof

Nucleus 5’s CP810 sound processor has two in built microphones designed to capture sound from all around. This technology enables the child to localize the sounds around them.

The custom built digital signal processing chip has four processors- all working simultaneously to interpret incoming sounds, and performing over 180 million operations per second.

  • Sophisticated design has elevated the medical product to a fashionable consumer product


As well as the processor, Blue Sky was commissioned to design a suite of products for the Nucleus 5 range including a clinician’s demonstration kit, packaging for all add on components, wireless remote, portable cases and more.

Nucleus 5 Demokit Design

Nucleus 5 Packaging Design

Nucleus 5 Packaging Design

Nucleus 5 Remote

Battery Charging Unit