ANZ Next Generation Banking

An exciting new retail banking experience for ANZ retail branches nationwide.

ANZ Banking Group commissioned Blue Sky to undertake a full re-design of their retail banking experience. Blue Sky led the creative design development and working with a multi-disciplinary team, undertook the process of step change to re-invent ANZ banking branches. The process involved in-depth research, stakeholder reviews and development of insights which formed the basis of the new generation branch designs.

Customer needs were paramount in developing the new design solutions to ensure the resulting branch designs were intuitive, easy to use and allow customers to undertake their banking tasks in the best possible way. New technologies, smart design and an in-depth understanding of the operational aspects of ANZ retail banking, allows the new branch designs to function in a way that maximises efficiency and fulfills the ANZ brand promise for customers.

  • ANZ Rouse Hill, NSW

In-depth study and analysis of customer flows and branch zoning, allowed the branch designs to be easy to navigate and space efficient. Careful consideration of customer touch points and technology deployment improved the functionality of ANZ branches and provided a cutting edge, next generation banking experience for customers.

A new branch design visual language was created that provides an iconic, recognisable look and feel to the branches that is aligned with the ANZ brand values and resonates with customers. The use of advanced materials and finishes, combined with innovative lighting and sophisticated graphic overlays provides a visually rich, pleasant banking experience not previously available in the retail banking sector.

The detail design and development was undertaken based on a scalable, modular, Kit of Parts model to allow mass procurement of branch fit-out components. This not only provided value and efficiency to ANZ, but ensured that the branch designs were consistent from a customer experience standpoint. In collaboration with the documentation partner WMK Architecture, advanced BIM modelling was utilised to ensure all design documentation is consistent and controlled.

  • ANZ North Lakes, QLD

To facilitate the national rollout of the design to a large number of new branches nationwide, a detailed document of Design Standards was produced. These standards ensure future branches can be rolled out in a fast, consistent manner and core design principals can be maintained at branches across Australia.

  • ANZ Carlton, VIC
  • ANZ Richmond, VIC


From early workshops, customer flows and experience overlays to prototyping and graphic design; Blue Sky has been involved in every aspect of the design for ANZ’s next generation banking experience.




Customer flows


1:1 Scale Prototyping

Module Design

Detail Design Documentation

Graphic Layout

Customer Journey & Ergonomics