ANZ 20 Martin Place

Located in the iconic Martin Place precinct in central Sydney, the ANZ flagship branch represents the ultimate retail banking experience.

As part of the development of the next generation ANZ retail banking experience, Blue Sky designed the first ANZ flagship branch. Located in the iconic Martin Place precinct in central Sydney, the ANZ flagship branch represents the ultimate retail banking experience, designed around the ANZ core brand values.

From the moment customers step through the front door, they are presented with a full range of digital banking options including wi-fi, next generation smart ATMs, Apple Pay features, goMoney and a new “Banker Desktop”, eliminating the need for paper and providing faster response times to queries.

Set over three floors, the branch consists of dedicated areas for banking transaction tasks, sales conversations, and multi-function uses such as lectures and events. Features including integrated 24-hour banking terminals, innovative collaborative spaces, and even a digital art gallery create a customer experience that is unique and fulfilling.

  • 20 Martin Place street entry

The branch layout is a result of detailed design of customer flows, journey analysis and technology overlays. The customer flow is enhanced through the use of dedicated staff hosts, creating a banking experience that is intuitive, friendly and efficient. The clear design and separation of zones within the branch ensure customer needs of privacy and comfort are maximised, while proving an environment where staff are “enabled” to provide the best possible service.

The branch is home to a total of 21 large format digital screens providing product information and demonstrations. The centrepiece is a three-storey high lush ‘digital vertical garden’ that changes colours from morning to afternoon to night, changes foliage with the seasons and responds to the ambient weather. It is a permanent generative art installation driven by location-based data and clever social media interactions.

  • Staircase and vertical garden

An open, suspended stairway links the three levels seamlessly while providing a sense of transparency and space. Premium materials were used throughout the fit-out including a unique purpose designed holographic effect glass branding element running across the 3 floors of the branch. The top level of the branch features a multi-function space which has modular furniture systems, and a purpose designed catering area to accommodate events and lectures. Customised digital lighting and sound design was used throughout the branch to ensure that the experience of the branch in a multi-sensory one.

  • 24-hour Self Service Area

The ANZ Digital Art Gallery is a creative space which showcases a number of annual and special events which the ANZ supports including the Archibald Prize, sporting events such as the Australian Open tennis, the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Taronga Zoo amongst others.

  • Digital Art Gallery located on level one

As part of the broader ANZ re-design of the retail banking experience, an in-depth study and analysis of customer flows and branch zoning, allowed the branch design to be easy to navigate and space efficient. Careful consideration of customer touch points and technology deployment improved the functionality of ANZ branches and provided a cutting edge, next generation banking experience for customers.

A new branch design visual language was created that provides an iconic, recognisable look and feel to the branches that is aligned with the ANZ brand values and resonates with customers. The use of advanced materials and finishes, combined with innovative lighting and sophisticated graphic overlays provides a visually rich, pleasant banking experience not previously available in the retail banking sector.

  • 20 Martin Place ground floor
  • 20 Martin Place level one